February 22, 1995 04:55 UT
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Apparent diameter: 13".6
Phase: 99%
CM: 114°

Two weeks removed from opposition, Mars has diminished slightly in size. My sketch was made at 292X with the 10-inch Starfinder. The north polar region is getting smaller. Abalos wraps around the polar cap, blending into Mare Boreum near the preceding (east) and following (west) limbs. The range of color and contrast across the planet's surface is astounding. Arcadia is defined by an arcing band of darkness immediately south of Abalos. Idacus Fons is visible along the preceding limb, a finger pointing south toward Solis Lacus.

Low clouds brighten the Chryse Xanthe region between Idacus Fons and Solis Lacus. This brightening appears triangular with the apex point across the way at the following limb. Solis Lacus appears elongated and flattened with the peninsula Nectar reaching beyond the limb toward Protei Regio. The bright region immediately south of Solis Lacus is Thaumasia and Aonius Sinus is visible across that divide. Aonius Sinus seamlessly melds into Mare Sirenium which, in turn, disappears over the horizon of the following limb.

March 14, 1995 February 06, 1995


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