March 14, 1995 03:30 UT
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Apparent diameter: 12".1
Phase: 96%
CM: 277°

Mars is now at 12" diameter and receding quickly. Tonight, with the Starfinder 10-inch trained on Mars at 292X, Syrtis Major is prominently positioned near the central meridian. Iapygia is visible to the south with Mare Tyrrhenum reaching toward the preceding limb to the east. A narrow brightening divides Mare Tyrrhenium from Tritonis Sinus and Hesperia.

The north polar region is much smaller than it was just two months ago. Utopia, large and dark, encircles the polar cap. Alcyonius Nodus is barely detected to the east. Evening clouds brighten the preceding limb.

April 5, 1995 February 22, 1995


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