February 6, 1995 05:15 UT
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Apparent diameter: 13".6
Phase: 100%
CM: 258°

One week before opposition and Mars is putting his best face forward. This sketch is based on the view at 292X in my 10-inch Newt. Syrtis Major is approaching the central meridian. Mare Tyrrhenum reaches from Syrtis Major toward the preceding limb, only to be cut short by Tritonis Sinus. Farther to the south, Hellas appears devoid of his usual low lying clouds.

The north polar cap is bordered by Utopia with a thin dark ring indicating their common boundary. Nodus Alcyonius is discernible against the martian palette. This dark thumb is due south of Utopia. It is darkest at the western extreme and becomes noticeably lighter in hue toward the east. East and south of Nodus Alcyonius, Hyblaeus Extension forms a Y-pattern with the right arm of the Y reaching nearly due west.

February 22, 1995 January 24, 1995


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