NGC/IC Objects

Jonckheere 320: Planetary Nebula (Orion) RA: 05h 05.6m / DEC: +10° 42'.4
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Jonckheere 320 is a bright, stellar planetary nebula decorating the winter sky in Orion. My sketch presents 199X and 272X views in the big Obsession. Jonckheere 320 is paired with 8.8 magnitude HD 32735 at the center of the field. The star is south of center. J320 is spotted 4'.5 to the north-northwest. At less than 30" in size, this 12th magnitude nebula appears as a slightly fuzzy star at 199X. At 272X, The nebulous shell is more obvious and slightly elongated east-southeast to west-northwest. The mid-14th magnitude central star is also detected. I used UHC and OIII filters to confirm this object as a planetary nebula. While the 50-odd field stars all dimmed with the filters in place, J320 retained its brightness. This is a great object for small aperture scopes. You'll find Jonckheere 320 2.7 degrees east-northeast of 4.7 magnitude 7 Orionis.

Abell 72 Jones 1


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