NGC/IC Objects

Abell 72: Planetary Nebula (Delphinus) RA: 20h 50.0m / DEC: +13° 35'.5
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

This little delicacy swims the celestial sea with dolphins. 4.4 magnitude Delta (44) Delphinus shines just over 2 degrees to the northwest. The bright star centered in my sketch is 8th magnitude SAO 106544. The oval fog patch to the east is Abell 72. This delicate planetary covers a 2'x1'.8 area and is bounded to the east by a pair of 11th magnitude GSC stars. It is best seen in the 18-inch with the OIII filter in place but still suspected au naturale. 9.5 magnitude SAO 106547 shines about 4' to the north. Another 20 stars dot the field. Abell 72's 16th magnitude central star is not visible at 141X in the big Dob.

Abell 70 Jonckheere 320


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