NGC/IC Objects

Abell 70: Planetary Nebula (Aquila) RA: 20h 31.6m / DEC: -07° 05'.3
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

The soft annulus in the sketch at left is Abell 70. It appears as an unremarkable circular haze with direct vision in the 18-inch Obsession at 199X. An OIII filter teases the outer ring to emerge as more pronounced. The 19th magnitude central star is not seen. This 14.3(P) magnitude planetary nebula is about 45" across with one mid-14th magnitude star immediately to the north and another to the southeast. An 11.0 magnitude star shines 3'.5 to the east. It's the brightest star in the field and has a 15th magnitude neighbor immediately to the north. Another 30 stars frame the view. You'll find Abell 70 nearly 5 degrees northwest of 3.8 magnitude Epsilon 2 Aquarii.

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