NGC/IC Objects

Jones 1: Planetary Nebula (Andromeda) RA: 23h 35.9m / DEC: +30° 28'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Jones 1 is an obscure object. Not many amateur astronomers hunt this elusive 15.1(P) magnitude planetary nebula. And among those who do seek it out, many are foiled in their attempts to make an observation. Of course, the key to making such observations is maximum contrast. Observing under the pristine dark skies of northern Arizona, I am blessed to have that advantage.

Jones 1 resides in Andromeda just north of the Great Square of Pegasus asterism. You'll find it about 7 degrees west-northwest of 2nd magnitude Alpheratz. An 18-mm Meade SWA eyepiece fitted with an OIII filter and paired with TeleVue's 3X Barlow produced the view presented at left. The planetary is centered in the field. Initially, Jones 1 appears as an incomplete annulus. After several minutes, I notice two irregularities in its shape. the northern segment appears flattened, even slightly concave. Also, the southern portion abruptly terminates where it merges with the slender wisp connecting the two brighter segments. No nebulosity along the eastern side is visible even after 30-minutes careful observation.

Jonckheere 320 Jones-Emberson 1


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