NGC/IC Objects

Hickson 80: Galaxy Cluster (Draco) RA: 15h 59.3m / DEC: +65° 14'.0
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

The four-pack of faint galaxies in my sketch comprise the compact galaxy cluster, Hickson 80. A pair of 14th magnitude stars stand separated by just 30" near the center of the field. Hickson 80A and 80B, paired to the north, appear to mirror that stellar duo. Hickson 80A is the 15.7(B) magnitude sliver covering a 0'.8 by 0'.2 area and aligned roughly north-south. It is cataloged as 2MASX J15591912+6513579, according to the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED). Hickson 80B (=PGC 56590) is the tiny, 16.4(B) magnitude smudge just 30" to the south. Hickson 80C lies an arcminute due west of 80A. It is a 16.1(B) magnitude galaxy cataloged as PGC 56572. The most challenging member of the quartet is 16.8(B) magnitude Hickson 80D. This faint little stinker resides 50" southeast of Hickson 80C and is only visible with averted vision. You'll find this collection banished to the far northern reaches of the heavens, in Draco.

Hickson 72 Hickson 82


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