NGC/IC Objects

Hickson 82: Galaxy Cluster (Hercules) RA: 16h 28.4m / DEC: +32° 49'.6
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Four galaxies in Hercules comprise Hickson 82. These include NGC 6161, NGC 6162, NGC 6163 and PGC 58231. My drawing renders all four as they appear in my 18-inch Obsession at 199X. This quartet of stellar gothams lies some 500 million light-years from Earth. Northern-most of the four, is NGC 6162. This S0-type galaxy has a blue magnitude of 15.6, which translates to a visual brightness of about 14.8 magnitude. Its 1'x0'.5 form is aligned roughly northeast to southwest and harbors a faint stellar core. About an arcminute to the southeast is 15.3(B) magnitude NGC 6163. Also displaying a stellar core brightening, Hickson 82B covers a 0'.7x0'.3 area and extends along a north-south axis. This more northerly pair is complemented by the two remaining members of Hickson 82. Hickson 82C is better known as NGC 6163, a 0'.3x0'.2 nebulous patch stationed about 2'.5 south of NGC 6161. Hickson 82C is cataloged as a barred-spiral with tightly wound arms and has a blue magnitude of 15.3. The fourth member, Hickson 82D, is tiny faint PGC 58231. This transitional galaxy is visible with averted vision about 50% of the time during my observation. Its 16.6(B) magnitude glow covers a scant 0'.4x0'.2 area. This is undoubtedly just the brighter core region of the galaxy and appears aligned east-west in the big Dob. A pair of bright stars mark the northeast and southwest field boundaries. 6.9 magnitude 26 Herculis stands just inside the field edge to the southwest. About 18' to the northeast, 9.8 magnitude SAO 65329 marks the opposite border.

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