NGC/IC Objects

Hickson 72: Galaxy Cluster (Bootes) RA: 14h 47.9m / DEC: +19° 04'.6
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

My observation records four members of this quintet. They form a neat line just 1'.6 west of the 13th magnitude GSC star at the center of the field. Hickson 72A is northernmost in the string. This 16.1(B) magnitude S0-type galaxy is also cataloged as MCG +03-38-17 (=PGC 52844). A faint star simmers about an arcminute to the northwest. An equal distance to the southeast, Hickson 72B (=MCG +03-38-21) and 72D (=MCG +03-38-20, PGC 52848) are seen. Separating them requires high power (272X) in the 18-inch. 16.1(B) magnitude Hickson 72B is the more northern of this pair. Similarly bright Hickson 72D lies immediately to the south. This duo lies 1'.6 due west of the 13th magnitude star at the center of my drawing. Finally, 15.8(B) magnitude Hickson 72C (=MCG +03-38-22, PGC 52851) is seen at the southeast end of this string. Tiny, 18th magnitude Hickson 72E is not visible. The four that are appear as tiny circular stains upon the sky. Hickson 72 is also cataloged as Arp 328.

Hickson 71 Hickson 80


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