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Spring DSO Chart

Spring is the time of year when everything starts anew. It's fitting that the spring sky offers up a host of distant galaxies. Their light paints a portrait of a younger universe, for it has taken tens of millions of years for that light to cross the abyss of space to reach your telescope. The constellations of spring are the domain of majestic Leo. Regulus shines brightly, the heart of the lion. Cancer, the crab, is setting in the west while Virgo rises in the east, Spica marking her location. That hazy patch of sky to the northeast of Leo is actually a constellation, Coma Berenices. The links below will take you to illustrated star hops to each of the celestial wonders indicated on the above chart.

NGC 2903 | M95 & M96 | M65 & M66 | M84 & M86 | NGC 4565 | M104

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