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Palomar 13: Globular Star Cluster (Pegasus) RA: 23h 06.7m / DEC: +12° 46'.3
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Some objects just scream for high magnification and Palomar 13 is in that class. This tiny, faint globular star cluster is presented in the sketch at left, which records a 452X view in the 18-inch Dobsonian. At just 30" diameter and at 13.8 magnitude, this cluster appears intermittently with averted vision as a nebulous glow. For just an instant, this foggy patch took on an almost granular appearance. Palomar 13 resides near the apex of an isosceles triangle asterism of 14th and 15th magnitude stars. The apex star lies 42" to the northeast. The pair forming the base of the triangle reside 1'.7 to the southwest and are separated by 52". About 1'.5 due east of Palomar 13, a faint double star emerges from the night. This pair is cataloged in the GSC as a single 10.8 magnitude star. You'll find this challenging cluster about 38' northeast of NGC 7479, a fine barred spiral galaxy in Pegasus.

Palomar 12 Terzan 7


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