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Palomar 12: Globular Star Cluster (Capricornus) RA: 21h 46.7m / DEC: -21° 15'.1
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

The drawing at left presents 141X and 199X views in the 18-inch Obsession. Palomar 12, an 11.7 magnitude globular star cluster, is nearly centered. It appears as a 1'.8 by 0'.6 elongation with just the faintest suggestion of a larger circular glow enveloping this bright central bar. This is reminiscent of M4 in Scorpius, which also features a brighter bar running through the core. A quartet of 15th magnitude and fainter stars is resolved across the face of Palomar 12. These may be associated with Palomar 12 as the brightest members have been measured at 14.6 magnitude. More typically Pal 12 member stars fall in the low-17th magnitude range. A trio of bright stars mark the southeast extent of the cluster. 11.1 magnitude HD 207064 simmers about 6' northeast of the globular. Another 15 stars are scattered throughout the field.

Palomar 11 Palomar 13


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