NGC/IC Objects

NGC 7686: Open Star Cluster (Andromeda) RA: 23h 30.2m / DEC: +49° 07'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This fine cluster resides in Andromeda, about 3 degrees north-northwest of 3.9 magnitude Lambda (16) Andromedae. My sketch captures the view in my 10-inch Starfinder Newtonian at 129X. NGC 7686 is anchored by 6.2 magnitude HD 221246, nearly centered in the cluster. About 5' to the west-southwest, 7.7 magnitude HD 221203 is seen. Twenty-seven members of this 5.6 magnitude cluster are visible across a 14' diameter area. NGC 7686 is framed by an additional 21 stars in my drawing.

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