NGC/IC Objects

NGC 7679 & NGC 7682: Galaxy Pair (Pisces) RA: 23h 28.9m / DEC: +03° 31'.2
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

These little 13th magnitude gems reside smack dab in the middle of the Circlet asterism in Pisces. Slew 3 degrees due east from 3.7 magnitude Gamma (6) Piscium, or an equal distance south from 4.3 magnitude Theta (10) Piscium and you will land on NGCs 7679 and 7682. Both tip the scales at 13.0 magnitude. And both have surface brightnesses of about 21.8 magnitude per square arc second. These are challenging objects for moderate aperture. My sketch renders a 129X view (8.8-mm Meade UWA) in the Starfinder 10-inch Newtonian. Both galaxies are about 45" in diameter but only NGC 7679 shows a faint stellaring at the core. A 9th magnitude GSC star simmers 5' northwest of NGC 7679.

NGC 7662-Blue Snowball NGC 7686


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