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NGC 7454: Elliptical Galaxy (Pegasus) RA: 23h 01.1m / DEC: +16° 23'.3
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

The Great Square of Pegasus is the centerpiece of the autumn sky. It is also a fertile hunting ground for galaxies. NGC 7454 resides in the vicinity of Markab, the brightest star in Pegasus and occupant of the southwest corner of the Great Square. Markab, an easy naked eye star at magnitude 2.5, is about 1.5 degrees southeast of NGC 7454. The galaxy is captured in the sketch at left, based on a 129X view in my 10-inch Newtonian. The elliptical galaxy shines at a visual magnitude of 11.8. That and its 21.6 magnitude per square arc second surface brightness make NGC 7454 a reasonable target for smaller apertures. My sketch shows a 2'x1'.4 oval aligned northwest-to-southeast. The two stars along the northwest edge of the galaxy shine at 10.6 magnitude and 13.3 magnitude, respectively, according to the Guide Star Catalog. HD 217558 shines at magnitude 9.1, about 4' to the east. While in the area, check out NGCs 7463 and 7465 just one-half degree to the south.

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