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NGC 7380: Open Cluster & Emission Nebula (Cepheus) RA: 22h 47.0m / DEC: +58° 06'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This deep-sky gem is secreted away in the southeast corner of Cepheus. NGC 7380 and Sh2-142 combine to present a ghostly apparition in the night. The sketch at left renders a 63X view in the Meade 10-inch Starfinder Newtonian. NGC 7380 is centered. This 7.2 magnitude open cluster features 40 stars spread across a 12' diameter field, according to Lynga. Nine of the brightest members are recorded in my drawing. A close pair of 9th and 10th magnitude GSC stars stands just beyond the cluster's western border. A second close pairing, 7th and 8th magnitude stars in this instance, lie just beyond the cluster boundary to the southwest. 6.5 magnitude HD 215588 stands watch about 15' west of NGC 7380's core. The entire cluster is shrouded by a subtly misty glow. This is Sh2-142. Its irregular form--somewhat reminiscent of a mushroom cap--covers roughly a 26'x20' area. An OIII filter improves the view considerably. You'll find this treasure 2.3 degrees east-southeast of 4.1 magnitude Delta (27) Cephei.

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