NGC/IC Objects

NGC 7006: Globular Star Cluster (Delphinus) RA: 21h 01.5m / DEC: +16° 11'.2
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Globular star clusters are among the most impressive deep-sky objects. A bright, rich cluster like Omega Centauri, M5 or M13 has an almost three-dimensional appearance. Fainter examples like NGC 7006 require large aperture to put on that kind of display. The sketch at left presents NGC 7006 as he appears at 190X in my Starfinder. The cluster is just south of center in the 10-inch Newtonian. Its 10.6 magnitude glow is concentrated toward the 45" diameter core. The outer haze measures 3' across. A pair of 13th magnitude GSC stars stand along the southern edge of the cluster. Stars of similar brightness are positioned at the east-northeast and northwest edges. NGC 7006 is framed by an additional 23 stars in the drawing. You'll find this globular star cluster 3.5 degrees due east of 4.3 magnitude Gamma (12) Delphini.

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