Messier Objects

M5: Globular Star Cluster (Serpens Caput) RA: 15h 18.6m / DEC: +02° 05'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This is one of my favorite deep-sky objects. M5 is the equal of M13 in every way and should be on every beginning backyard observer's short "Must See" list. It is conveniently located about 20' northwest of 5.0 magnitude 5 Serpentis. The sketch at left presents this cluster's appearance in the 10-inch at moderately high power. M5 appears almost three-dimensional with a foreground shroud of 12th and 13th magnitude GSC stars. The cluster covers a 20' diameter area and is truly a showpiece of the northern sky.

M4 M6


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