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NGC 3041: Spiral Galaxy (Leo) RA: 09h 53.7m / DEC: +16° 40'.7
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This 11.5 magnitude spiral galaxy resides in western Leo, 3.4 degrees west of 3.5 magnitude Eta (30) Leonis. My sketch captures the view at 82X in the 10-inch Starfinder Newtonian. NGC 3041 is sandwiched between a pair of faint GSC stars, 10th and 13th magnitude, with the brighter of the two positioned 4'.3 north of the galaxy. This loose Sc-type spiral covers a 3'x2' area along an east-to-west axis. 8.9 magnitude SAO 98828 is visible near the northern boundary of the eyepiece field. Thirteen additional field stars complete the view.

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