NGC/IC Objects

NGC 2991 & NGC 2994: Galaxy Pair (Leo) RA: 09h 46.8m / DEC: +22° 01'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

You will encounter this pair about 2 degrees due south of 3.0 magnitude Epsilon (17) Leonis. These are faint little stinkers and a real challenge in my 10-inch. The drawing at left was made at 82X and shows both galaxies as 70" diameter scuff marks. NGC 2991, west of center, has a visual magnitude of 12.6. NGC 2994, 8' to the northesat, dimly glows at 13.1 magnitude. Eight 11th and 12th magnitude stars are salted about the immediate area. 9.1 magnitude SAO 81023 resides just inside the eastern boundary of the field, about 22' east of NGC 2994. Another 18 field stars complete the scene.

NGC 2976 NGC 3041


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