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NGC 2174: Emission Nebula (Orion) RA: 06h 09.7m / DEC: +20° 29'.0
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

NGC 2174 is a truly spectacular nebula; one belonging on every amateur's "must see" list. My sketch captures a 109X view in the 18-inch Obsession. The emission nebula ranges throughout the 45' diameter field of view. The bright star near the center is 7.6 magnitude HD 42088. A clump of seven 8th through 10th magnitude stars blazes immediately to the north and east. Another 60+ stars are scattered across the field. A UHC filter enhances the breadth of the nebula. An OIII filter seems to give the dark rifts more oomph. The brightest portion of NGC 2174 surrounds HD 42088. From here, prominent branches extend to the north and southwest. More subtle patches of fluorescing gas are strewn about the field. What a magnificent object! You'll find NGC 2174 in the northern-most reaches of Orion. 4.6 magnitude Chi2 (62) Orionis shines just 1.5 degree to the west.

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