Messier Objects

M89: Elliptical Galaxy (Virgo) RA: 12h 35.7m / DEC: +12° 33'.4
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

M89 is a 9.7 magnitude elliptical galaxy in Virgo. It's located 40' south of M90. A pair of 9th magnitude stars, one to the northeast and the other to the southwest, mark M89's location. The galaxy appears 2' across with a stellar core at 82X in the 10-inch Starfinder. Look for the deep-sky duo, 11.7 magnitude NGC 4550 and 12.0 magnitude NGC 4551, about 18' to the south. Your next stop on the tour of the Virgo cluster is M58, about 55' to the southeast.

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Virgo Cluster

M88 M90


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