NGC/IC Objects

IC 3568: Planetary Nebula (Camelopardalis) RA: 12h 33.1m / DEC: +82° 33'.8
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

IC 3568 can be found in the far northern sky in Camelopardalis. My observation captures a 272X view in the 18-inch. The 10.6 magnitude planetary nebula is centered. It appears as a 25" diameter circular gauzy haze, is much brighter in the middle with an occasional hint of stellaring at the core. The central star shines at a very reasonable 13.4 magnitude. This high surface brightness planetary nebula stands high magnification quite well. The star along IC 3568's western edge shines at 14th magnitude. Another eleven stars are scattered throughout the field.

IC 2003 IC 4593


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