NGC/IC Objects

IC 2003: Planetary Nebula (Perseus) RA: 03h 56.4m / DEC: +33° 52'.5
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Now, here's a fine object for just about any amateur telescope. This tiny, bright planetary nebula is IC 2003. You'l find it in southern Perseus exactly halfway between Zeta (44) and Xi (46) Persei. My sketch portrays a 272X view in the 18-inch Obsession. No filter was used during the observation. IC 2003 is centered with a 13th magnitude GSC star just 21" to the southwest. Also known as PK 161-14.1, this 12.6 (P) magnitude planetary nebula appears as a 9" diameter circular patch of fog. The small size of this object just about screams for high magnification. The 15.0 magnitude central star is not visible, which isn't surprising considering the gusty winds buffeting the big Dob. I'll have to return to IC 2003 on a calmer night to have a look for the central star and additional detail. Among the 30 stars scattered througout my drawing, one of the brightest is a 10.9 magnitude sparkler shining 2'.3 southeast of the planetary.

IC 1805 IC 3568


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