NGC/IC Objects

Hickson 70: Galaxy Cluster (Canes Venatici) RA: 14h 04.2m / DEC: +33° 20'.3
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Hickson 70 resides in far eastern Canes Venatici. The magnificent M3 can be found just 7 degrees to the southwest. But this cluster presents more challenging fare. My sketch combines 199X and 272X views in the 18-inch Obsession. Seven member galaxies in this tightly-packed cluster are visible. Hickson 70A is cataloged as UGC 8990 (=MCG +06-31-59, PGC 50139) and is often misidentified as IC 4371. The 16.1(B) magnitude galaxy resides at 14 hrs., 04 min., 10 sec,; +33 deg., 20.3 minutes and is nearly centered in my sketch. It features a stellar core and covers a 0'.7 by 0'.3 area. Hickson 70D (=IC 4370, MCG +06-31-60) appears as a tiny, 16th magnitude smudge along the northern edge of Hickson 70A. About 2' to the south, Hickson 70B (=IC 4371, MCG +06-31-61, PGC 50140) displays a stellar core embedded within a 0'.5 by 0'.3 oval glow. 11.0 magnitude SAO 63918 simmers another 2'.3 to the south. The thin sliver of light 2' to the east of Hickson 70B is MCG +06-31-065. This 16.2(B) magnitude galaxy covers a 0'.5 by 0'.2 area and is aligned northeast to southwest. Three galaxies are grouped to the southwest of Hickson 70A. These include 16.2(B) magnitude Hickson 70E (=IC 4369, MCG +06-31-58, PGC 50134), 17.3(B) magnitude Hickson 70F (=MCG +06-31-57, PGC 50133), and 17.4 magnitude 2MASX J14040011+3319540. Hicksons 70E and 70F are very close to each other and just 1'.3 southwest of Hickson 70A. High magnification was needed to consistently separate the two.

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