NGC/IC Objects

Hickson 69: Galaxy Cluster (Bootes) RA: 13h 55.5m / DEC: +25° 04'.4
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Of the nine galaxies in the sketch at left, only one is a member of this compact galaxy cluster. The drawing represents a 141X view in my 18-inch Dobsonian. Near the center of the field, lies 15.7(B) magnitude PGC 49502. This 1'.2 by 0'.4 oval is Hickson 69A. It is skewed northeast to southwest at the apex of a triangular arrangement of 14th and 15th magnitude stars. It's not even the brightest galaxy in the field. About 4' to the southwest, 14.9 magnitude IC 4345 stands out as a 0'.9 by 0'.5 oval. This elliptical galaxy features a stellar core. Fain, tiny IC 4344 emerges as a 0'.7 by 0'.2 misty patch about 1'.5 south of IC 4345. It's a 15.5(P) magnitude barred spiral galaxy with a 12th magnitude GSC star smoldering 1' to the west. Sweeping about 6' northwest of IC 4345, the 15.6(P) magnitude glow of IC 4343 is teased from the night. Its appearance is plain; a 0'.2 diameter patch.

Of the five remaining galaxies in the field, the most obvious are the trio grouped north of center. IC 4349 is the 0'.8 by 0'.3 patch aligned nearly east-west. This 15.3(P) magnitude galaxy is unclassified in the RC3. About an arcminute due west, IC 4346 is seen. This galaxy is aligned perpendicular to IC 4349 and has a similar integrated magnitude as its neighbor to the east. But most of that 15.4(P) magnitude glow is locked up in a stellar core. The outer nebulosity is very delicate and best seen with averted vision. The tiny, north-south patch of haze stationed 3' north of this duo, is IC 4348. This is another 15.4(P) magnitude stellar gotham.

Two additional galaxies are seen during my extended stay in this region. Just inside the northeast field boundary, PGC 49556 stands as a 0'.2 diameter, 15.7(P) magnitude foggy patch. And the most tentative of the galaxies in this field stands alone. The tiny 0'.1 diameter smudge isolated to the east of the main group, is 15.8(B) magnitude GIN 332. It is classified simply as a spiral type galaxy.

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