NGC/IC Objects

Hickson 22: Galaxy Cluster (Eridanus) RA: 03h 03.6m / DEC: -15° 36'.8
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Five of the six galaxies in my drawing are members of the compact galaxy cluster, Hickson 22. The observation was made at 199X with the 18-inch Obsession. The non-member is 14th magnitude NGC 1188. It's isolated northeast of the cluster, elongated 60" by 30" and arranged roughly north-south. The Hickson 22 members lie scattered some 10' to the southwest. The brightest cluster member is NGC 1199 (Hickson 22A). This 11.4 magnitude spiral covers a 75" by 45" area along an east-west axis. A 12th magnitude star shines about 2'.5 to the northeast. 3'.5 to the west, NGC 1189 is seen. This is Hickson 22C, a (B)14.8 magnitude galaxy covering a 60" by 40" patch of sky. Clumped 3' to the south are NGC 1190, NGC 1191 and NGC 1192. All have blue magnitudes in the low 15's. NGC 1190 (Hickson 22B) is about 50" by 20" in size. NGC 1191 (Hickson 22D) appears as a 30" diameter smear of fog. And, finally, there is NGC 1192. Hickson 22E covers a 30" by 15" area just to the northeast of NGC 1191. Interestingly, NGC 1191 and NGC 1192 have radial velocity and redshift measurements indicating distances of 460 million to 480 million light-years; more than three-times the estimated distances to the other three cluster members.

Hickson 21 Hickson 58


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