NGC/IC Objects

Hickson 21: Galaxy Cluster (Eridanus) RA: 02h 09.4m / DEC: -10° 08'.1
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Hickson 21 is presented in the sketch at left. My drawing captures a 141X view in the big Obsession. The brightest member is NGC 1098 (Hickson 21C). This spiral is westernmost of the three galaxies spread across the center of the field. Its 12.6 magnitude glow is spread evenly across a 60" diameter area with no indication of spiral structure. 8.7 magnitude HD 17194 is the bright star 5'.3 north-northeast of NGC 1098. About 6'.5 to the southeast, NGC 1099 (Hickson 21A) appears as a 70" by 20" elongation. This 13.1 magnitude spiral covers a 60" by 20" patch of sky and is aligned roughly northeast to southwest. The galaxy pair near the northeast field boundary are NGC 1091 and NGC 1092. Both appear 30" in size but NGC 1092 (Hickson 21D) features a stellar core region. It's also brighter at 13.4 magnitude. NGC 1091 (Hickson 21E) glows faintly at 14.1 magnitude with NGC 1092 about 2' to the east and a 12th magnitude star 2'.5 to the northwest. You'll find this collection of galaxies in western Eridanus about 55' north of 4.5 magnitude Tau1 Eridani.

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