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Abell 46: Planetary Nebula (Lyra) RA: 18h 31.3m / DEC: +26° 56'.2
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

This nebula was riding high near the zenith during my observation. The sketch at left captures views at 173X (12-mm Nagler T4) and 236X (8.8-mm UWA). Abell 46 is centered, a 1' diameter gauzy glow. The central star (~14.9 mag.) is easily seen in the big Dob. An ~15th magnitude star borders immediately to the east and trio of faint embers simmer nearby to the west. This planetary does not respond terribly well to OIII or UHC filters. Between 75 and 80 stars frame Abell 46, none being brighter than 11th magnitude and quite a few weighing in at 15th mag. You'll find this ancient star cornered in southwest Lyra.

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