NGC/IC Objects

Abell 43: Planetary Nebula (Ophiuchus) RA: 17h 53.5m / DEC: +10° 37'.4
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

In the big Obsession at 173X, Abell 43 is easily seen under direct scrutiny. Trying my OIII and UHC filters, I found the UHC offered a slight enhancement but preferred the unfiltered view, overall. The planetary appears as a 75" diameter circular glow. The 14th magnitude central star is readily apparent although a skosh southeast of centered within the nebula. This star is flanked to the northeast and south by a pair of faint stars, the ember to the south appearing faintest. A 9.3 magnitude star blazes just 5' to the west-northwest. Another 50 or so stars pepper the field in my sketch, several falling in the mid-14th to mid-15th magnitude range. You'll find Abell 43 about halfway between 2nd magnitude Rasalhague (alpha Oph) and 3rd magnitude 72 Ophiuchi.

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