NGC/IC Objects

Abell 36: Planetary Nebula (Virgo) RA: 13h 40.7m / DEC: -19° 53'.0
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Among the Abell planetary nebulae, number 36 is a wonderful ghostly apparition. My sketch presents a 141X view in the Obsession. A UHC filter enhances contrast just a tad better than an OIII. The 11.5 magnitude central star is obvious and bright in the big Dob. The delicate nebulosity covers an oval zone roughly 5'x4' in size. Averted vision reveals a thick, bright arc along the outside to the west and north. This feature thins but continues around to the east. Twenty stars frame the display. You'll find Abell 36 about 1.7 degrees southwest of 5.0 magnitude 89 Virginis and 2.3 degrees southeast of 6.0 magnitude 73 Virginis.

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