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Abell 33: Planetary Nebula (Hydra) RA: 09h 39.2m / DEC: -02° 48'.5
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

When you first encounter 7.2 magnitude HD 83535, you may pass right by it on your way to any one of hundreds of relatively bright NGC galaxies in the area. But if you linger and if you're observing under a pristine sky, you might just notice Abell 33. Also known as PK 238+34.1, this faint planetary nebula is presented in the sketch at left. My drawing presents a 141X view in the 18-inch Dobsonian. The bright star near the center is HD 83535. The circular patch of fuzz to the northeast is Abell 33. Abell 33 is just the faintest wisp of grey in the 18-inch, even with an OIII filter in place. The nebula covers a 4'.5 diameter area, at first appearing as an annulus before filling in as dark adaptation progresses. Twenty-two stars provide context. Among these, is a 12th magnitude GSC star 1'.6 south-southeast of HD 83535. Eleven arcminutes northeast of the bright star, is 8.2 magnitude HD 83569. And just about halfway in between, notice another 12th magnitude sparkler. Abell 33's 15.5 magnitude central star is not seen but that doesn't detract from the view. You'll find this enigmatic planetary 1.7 degrees south of 3.9 magnitude Iota (35) Hyadrae.

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