Winter Deep-sky Tour


Winter DSO Chart

Step outside any evening in the dark of winter and you'll see the above scene. Orion, the hunter, stealths his way across the sky. Sirius, the brightest star in the firmament, faithfully follows the hunter. Taurus and the brilliant Pleiades star cluster shine above. The twin stars, Castor and Pollux, mark Gemini's location in the east. High above it all, Auriga appears as a stellar pentagon in the heavens. These are the constellations of the winter sky. This is where we'll look for deep-sky treasures. The links below take you to pages with illustrated star hops to each of the deep-sky objects plotted on the above chart.

M45-Pleiades | M42-Orion Nebula & M43 | M78 | M1-Crab Nebula | M36 & M37 | M35 | NGC 2392-Eskimo Nebula

Seasonal Sky Tours M45-Pleiades


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