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Sharpless 2-86: Emission Nebula (Vulpecula) RA: 19h 43.4m / DEC: +23° 16'.0

The NGC identifies this large, diffuse nebula as NGC 6820. However, Albert Marth's description, "F,S,R,bM" does not match the large nebulosity associated with the galactic cluster, NGC 6823. Astronomer Brian Skiff has noted that Marth's position and description do match the small reflection nebula, IRAS 19403 +2258, located nearby at 19h 42m 27.9s +23d 05m 15s. Therefore, it appears the NGC identification of Sharpless 2-86 as NGC 6820 is in error.

My drawing presents Sh2-86 as it appears in my 10-inch Newtonian at low magnification. I used a Celestron 23-mm eyepiece, which has an apparent field of 65 degrees and, in my scope, produces 49X over a 1.5 degree true field. The nebulosity is quite subtle and only mildly enhanced by an OIII filter. Its arcing form is spread over roughly a 20'x10' area with the southern portion being discernibly brighter. NGC 6823 is visible within the dark region cutting into the nebula from the west-northwest. Fifty-one stars are recorded as framework for this delicate display. Sharpless 2-86 is found in Vulpecula, 2.5 degrees west-southwest of 4.6 magnitude 13 Vulpeculae.

Pickering's Wedge Sharpless 2-112


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