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Palomar 6: Globular Star Cluster (Ophiuchus) RA: 17h 43.7m / DEC: -26° 13'.4
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Palomar 6 is a challenging detection in the Obsession. The globular star cluster is centered in the sketch at left, which was made at 141X in the 18-inch Dobsonian. Invisible under direct scrutiny, the cluster appears intermittently at first with averted vision. After several minutes observation, the 2' diameter patch of fog is consistently visible with an averted stare. There is no hint of granularity in this 11.6 magnitude globular, which is not surprising considering the typical cluster member glows dimly at 19.1 magnitude. The field is crowded with stars. 8.4 magnitude HD 160972 blazes some 6 arcminutes to the south and far enough east to put it in neighboring Sagittarius. About 8' to the west-northwest of Palomar 6, 10.0 magnitude SAO 185653 shines near the field boundary. The parallelogram asterism east of the cluster includes a 10th magnitude sparkler. You'll find Palomar 6 in southeastern Ophiuchus about 10° due west of Lambda (22) Sagittarri.

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