NGC/IC Objects

NGC 83: Galaxy Cluster (Andromeda) RA: 00h 21.4m / DEC: +22° 26'.0
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

The sketch at left records a collection of four galaxies sequested in a far corner of Andromeda. The observation was made at 199X with the Obsession 18-inch Dobsonian. NGC 83 is centered. At 12.5 magnitude, it's also the most obvious member of the group. This 1' diameter elliptical galaxy features a stellar core region and is flanked to the west by a trio of 11th magnitude stars. NGC 80 is stationed near the southern field boundary, about 5' south-southwest of NGC 83. NGC 80 is a 12.1 magnitude spiral and appears slightly smaller at 45" across. A 15th magnitude star glows 1'.5 to the northwest. A 14th magnitude spark is seen another 1'.3 to the north. Nearby, the faint glow of NGC 81 is spotted intermittently with averted vision. Just barely non-stellar, this galaxy has a visual magnitude of roughly 14.9. It is by far the most difficult of the group to discern. At the other side of the field, 8' to the northeast, NGC 85 stands alone. This 13.9 magnitude transitional galaxy is elongated north-south over a 1'x0'.5 area. A 12th magnitude GSC star resides just beyond the field boundary, 2' to the north. And just outside the field to the west, are galaxies NGC 90 and NGC 93.

NGC 40 NGC 90 & NGC 93


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