NGC/IC Objects

NGC 7468: Peculiar Galaxy (Pegasus) RA: 23h 03.0m / DEC: +16° 36'.2
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

NGC 7468 is just one of many galaxies in the neighborhood of the Great Square. Shining at a meager 13.7 magnitude, I found this little treasure about 39' north-northeast of NGCs 7463 and 7465. This peculiar galaxy covers a 2'x1' area in my drawing, made with the 10-inch Newt at 129X. Seventeen field stars are shown. The bright stars to the south range from 7th to 12th magnitude. The tight pair near the northern field boundary shine at 12th and 13th magnitude, respectively. NGC 7468 is located 1.5 degrees north-northwest of Markab.

NGC 7463 & NGC 7465 NGC 7479


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