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NGC 7086: Open Star Cluster (Cygnus) RA: 21h 30.5m / DEC: +51° 35'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Tucked away in far northeast Cygnus, NGC 7086 is a hidden jewel. My sketch presents this galactic cluster as it appears in my 10-inch Starfinder at 129X. This 8.4 magnitude cluster covers a 9'.0 diameter area, according to Lynga. Thirty-four cluster members are visible in the 10-inch. These range in brightness from 13th to 10th magnitude. The brightest of these are three stars aligned roughly north-south in my drawing. The northernmost is 11.0 magnitude PPM 39521, nearly centered in the field of view. 10.3 magnitude PPM 39522 stands just 51" to the south. About 2' further south, GSC 3602:0462 shines at 11th magnitude. Another 40 stars frame the view. NGC 7086 resides 3.2 degrees due north of M39.

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