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NGC 6765: Planetary Nebula (Lyra) RA: 19h 11.1m / DEC: +30° 32'.6
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

I came upon this odd little treat in southern Lyra. NGC 6765 is a planetary nebula with a photographic magnitude of 13.1 and an odd elongated form. It was a challenge to find with the 10-inch. And once located, this little guy would not easily give up his secrets. My sketch presents a 129X view in the Starfinder, both with and without the OIII filter. A twelfth magnitude GSC star lies at the very center of the rendering. Just 2' to the northeast is where NGC 6765 is seen. The planetary was first detected as a tiny round dot just slightly brighter than the surrounding sky. Switching between filtered and unfiltered views reveals more nebulosity to the southwest. Overall, NGC 6765 covers a 45"x10" area. The 16th magnitude central star was, of course, not seen. Another 33 stars frame the view.

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