NGC/IC Objects

NGC 6742: Planetary Nebula (Draco) RA: 18h 59.3m / DEC: +48° 27'.9
Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Here's a nice pairing. 8.8 magnitude HD 176693 is framed southwest of center in my sketch. And the bright planetary nebula, NGC 6742 (aka Abell 50) stands about 4'.5 to the northeast. The sketch presents a 272X unfiltered view in the big Obsession. NGC 6742 appears as a 40" diameter foggy glow. The central star, estimated at 20th magnitude, is understandably not visible. Nor does the planetary present any obvious structure. Some 40 stars dot the field, most falling in at 13th or 14th magnitude. You'll find this delicate planetary in the far southeast corner of Draco. The Blinking Planetary, NGC 6826, lies about 8 degrees to the east-northeast.

NGC 6712 NGC 6755


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