NGC/IC Objects

NGC 6210: Planetary Nebula (Hercules) RA: 16h 44.5m / DEC: +23° 48'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Southern Hercules is home to this object. The nearest bright star is 2.8 magnitude Beta Herculis, 4 degrees to the southwest. The sketch at left renders a 247X view (1-mm exit pupil) in my 10-inch Starfinder equatorial Newtonian. The 30" diameter planetary nebula is centered and easily resolved as an extended object at this high magnification. The central star, at 12.6 magnitude, is well within reach of my scope but is lost amidst the bright nebulosity. NGC 6210 presents a distinct blue-green hue to the eye. A 12th magnitude star simmers 2' to the west. A triangular arrangement of bright stars is gathered along the northeast field boundary. Of these, the brightest is 9.5 magnitude PPM 105170. Another four stars frame the view.

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