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NGC 6166 = Abell 2199: Galaxy Cluster (Hercules) RA: 16h 28.7m / DEC: +39° 33'.1
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

NGC 6166 is an elliptical/peculiar type galaxy who swims the cosmic ocean in northern Hercules. But this 11.8 magnitude galaxy is far from alone in his travels. More than 100 galaxies reside within a 1-degree radius of this stellar metropolis. My sketch, capturing the view at 129X in my 10-inch Newtonian, includes two faint neighbors. NGC 6166 is centered, a 90"x45" haze arranged along a northeast to southwest axis. A pair of 11th magnitude stars, one 5'.0 to the south and the other 5'.5 to the west, mark the galaxy's location. Two faint companion galaxies share the field. MCG +7-34-50 is seen about 40% of the time with averted vision, popping in and out but always in the same spot. This 14.8 magnitude galaxy, just 20"x10" in size, stands 2'.2 southwest of NGC 6166 with a 14th magnitude star just 1' to the west. Looking 3'.2 west-northwest of NGC 6166, the 20" diameter form of PGC 58244 is seen in much the same manner. This 14.3 magnitude ember is given away sporadically when the seeing momentarily steadies. A 13th magnitude star is seen about 3' further to the west-northwest. Another 20 field stars frame the view. You'll find NGC 6166 and friends about 3 degrees west-northwest of 3.5 magnitude Eta Herculis.

Instrument: 18-inch Obsession

Several new galaxies emerge through the big Dob. NGC 6166 is slightly northeast of center in my drawing, made at 122X. 14th magnitude MCG +7-34-50 is the tiny smudge stationed 2' to the southwest. The larger but fainter (15th magnitude) patch of fog 5' to the south-southeast is MCG +7-34-56. An 11th magnitude GSC star resides just 2'.5 to the west. And west-northwest of NGC 6166 are MCG +7-34-48 (14th mag.) and MCG +7-34-49 (15th mag.). A 14th magnitude star stands in the foreground of MCG +7-34-49. Among the 25 or so stars scattered throughout the field, most are in the mid-14's and 15's in brightness.

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