NGC/IC Objects

NGC 596: Elliptical Galaxy (Cetus) RA: 01h 32.9m / DEC: -07° 02'.0
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This little galaxy resides in the belly of the beast, about 2.5 degrees east-northeast of 3.6 magnitude Theta (45) Ceti. My sketch captures the view in the 10-inch Meade Starfinder at 129X. NGC 596 is visible 15 arc minutes west of 5.8 magnitude HD 9562. This 10.9 magnitude elliptical galaxy covers a 60" diameter area. Eleven field stars provide context. A pair of galaxies, NGC 584 and NGC 586, are just beyond the field of view to the northwest. NGC 615 resides about a degree to the southeast.

NGC 584 & NGC 586 NGC 613


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