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NGC 5574 & NGC 5576: Galaxy Pair (Virgo) RA: 14h 21.1m / DEC: +03° 21'.3
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Virgo is home to several groupings of galaxies. This pair makes a fine addition to that list. You'll find them in eastern Virgo about 44' southeast of 7.0 magnitude HD 125309. NGC 5576 is the largest and brightest of the duo. This 11.0 magnitude galaxy presents a stellar core embedded within a 120"x60" nebulosity. My drawing, made at 190X, shows this elliptical alongside a 13th magnitude star. A 10.5 magnitude star shines 6'.5 to the northwest, the brightest star in the field. NGC 5574 is aligned northeast-to-southwest just 2'.5 to the southwest of NGC 5576. This 12.4 magnitude galaxy is fairly small, occupying a 60"x15" area. While in the area, be sure to look up NGC 5560 and NGC 5566 just 39' to the north.

NGC 5560 & NGC 5566 NGC 5585 & NGC 5631


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