NGC/IC Objects

NGC 5475: Spiral Galaxy (Ursa Major) RA: 14h 05.2m / DEC: +55° 44'.5
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

The sketch at left renders a 129X view in my 10-inch reflector. NGC 5475 is the elongated nebulous patch near the center. Classified as an Sa-type spiral, this galaxy's slender form suggests a nearly edge-on viewing angle. With a blue magnitude of 13.5, this galaxy should have a visual brightness in the 12.6 magnitude range. NGC 5475 covers a 2'.4x0'.8 area and is aligned roughly north-south. A string of mostly 10th and 11th magnitude stars snakes through the filed of view to the east and southeast. NGC 5475 is stationed about 1.5 degrees north of the great M101. While in the area, check out NGC 5443 some 26' to the west.

NGC 5474 NGC 5529


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