NGC/IC Objects

NGC 5466: Globular Star Cluster (Bootes) RA: 14h 05.5m / DEC: +28° 32'.1
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

This fine globular star cluster resides in western Bootes just across from Coma Berenices. The closest bright star is 6.9 magnitude HD 123409, which is just beyond the field of view in the sketch at left. The drawing presents the view in my 10-inch at high magnification (129X). The 9.2 magnitude cluster covers an 8' diameter area with a smattering of about 10 stars aresolved across the face. These stars, NGC 5466's brightest members, shine at about magnitude 13.8, which is about as bright as Pluto. Sixteen field stars frame the globular.

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