NGC/IC Objects

NGC 3982: Galaxy Group (Ursa Major) RA: 11h 56.5m / DEC: +55° 07'.5
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

NGC 3982 stands among a group of four galaxies in the bowl of the Big Dipper. They are located 1.7 degrees north-northeast of 2.4 magnitude Phad. 3.3 magnitude Megrez shines as a beacon about 3 degrees to the northeast. The view in my 10-inch is impressive. NGC 3982 is an 11.0 magnitude 2' diameter spiral galaxy displaying a stellar core. NGCs 3972, 3990 and 3998 range from magnitude 10.6 to 12.5 in brightness. NGC 3972 is 13' northwest of NGC 3882. It appears elongated, northwest-to-southeast, over a 2'x1' area. NGC 3990, 22' northeast of NGC 3982, looks like a 1' diameter dimly illuminated eraser mark on the sky. NGC 3998 is just 2'.5 due east. This SO-type galaxy is 3' in size with a stellar nucleus.

NGC 3962 NGC 4026


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