NGC/IC Objects

NGC 3658 & NGC 3665: Galaxy Pair (Ursa Major) RA: 11h 24.4m / DEC: +38° 39'.3
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

The netherworld of southwest Ursa Major is home to this pair. They can be found just about halfway between 4.8 magnitude 55 Ursae Majoris and 5.3 magnitude 57 Ursae Majoris. Their appearance in my 10-inch Newtonian is rendered in the sketch at left. NGC 3665 is the brighter of the two and appears nearly centered in the sketch. This 3'x2' elliptical galaxy displays an evenly distributed 10.8 magnitude glow with no apparent brightening at the core. An 11th magnitude GSC star is seen a few arc minutes to the east. NGC 3658 is located 15' to the southwest. This 12.2 magnitude elliptical covers a 120" diameter area. A 12th magnitude GSC stars stands 3' to the north. A close stellar pair is positioned 10' to the east. Eleven additional field stars complete the view.

NGC 3655 NGC 3675


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