NGC/IC Objects

NGC 3593: Galaxy (Leo) RA: 11h 14.6m / DEC: +55° 40'.3
Instrument: 10-inch Starfinder

Slew 2.6 degrees due south from 3.3 magnitude Chort, Theta (70) Leonis, to find this SO-type galaxy. NGC 3593 is presented in the sketch at left. The 82X view in my 10-inch Newt shows a 3'x1' cigar of nebulosity elongated nearly east-west. 5.3 magnitude 73 Leonis blazes away just inside the northern field boundary. 6.7 magnitude HD 97937 shines 19' east of NGC 3593. Four additional field stars complete the presentation.

NGC 3521 NGC 3599


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